Recap of my “messy” life!

This is my first ever post with wordpress and I gotta say, I am pretty darn pumped about it.  My brain is sort of exploding these days!  Especially since I started tapping into the right side of my brain (the creative intellectual side) through listening to classical music, streamwriting like DaVinci, deeply breathing fresh air, and lots of other crazy exciting things!  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind; “a tornado just swirling about,” really, as the amazing Will Pharrell would say.  Three weeks ago to the day (September 25th) I returned from an unforgettable road trip out West.  I set out on this trip on September 6th with my cousin Meg and our good friend Keith.  I went with the intention of going through with an internship at ELI of San Francisco, and Keith was thinking about moving out to Cali for a while.  But it’s amazing how time can change things.  And things aren’t always as they seem.  And things change.  Circumstances change.  People change.  Perspectives change.  Change changes.  Ahhh!  And I love it.  Change is so scary, so exciting, so daunting, yet so necessary all at once.  Yes, my internship didn’t work out.  Was I bummed?  Sure, a little.  But, it was all for the best!  And to sort of quote a classic “old timer,” …”all good things come to those who wait.”  Or maybe not?  I think more along the lines of “all good things come to those who act.  Those who do.  Those who dream.”  Or…more specifically, “all good things come to those who act on their dreams.”  How’s that?  Yep, I like that!  And that’s basically what I am doing.  Nothing fancy to my formula.

Ok, now back to our road trip.  I will go into detail about certain parts of the trip in other posts, and reference this trip a lot through my writing.  So, for now I’ll just say that I ended up fleeing the internship, and Keith wasn’t crazy about Cali at that time.  So, we sat down to lunch at Fuddruckers in Walnut Creek on Saturday September 15th, said “hey let’s get back on the road, why not keep driving?”  So, by Monday September 17th, we were back on the road heading south to Sequoia National Park.  (to catch you up we had seen Boulder, CO, the Rockies (Natl Park), Yellowstone, and Boise, ID on the way out to Cali…what an experience that most people don’t even do!)  The Grand Finale of our trip was the Grand Canyon on my birthday, Sept 20th!  26 is shaping up to be a great year…the best year.  I’ll take it.  I have no complaints and no regrets.  This was the trip of a lifetime and I am still processing it and learning from it.  Many pictures and lots of stories and learnings to come soon!



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