I’ll have some advice, with a side of pep talk please

Hello readers, if there are even any of you out there yet. I am more so just writing to debriefify my day (yes I just made up a new word…don’t like it? Then stop reading and go find a more fancy/proper blog!)  Alright, so here’s the deal.  I am super tired, so I will make this snappy.  We’ll see how snappy this really is when I look my word count in the eye at the end of this post!

So, I have begun a new job this week and am still getting used to it.  I think I just keep expecting it to be like my previous job, but it’s not.  It’s different because it’s not the same place!  It makes so much sense while I’m typing it, but in my head, I still try and recreate something that was a positive experience to me.  I really think I will end up liking this job.  I will blog more about it after I have been there for a few weeks.  I think it was hard just coming back to work in general after being on the road for four weeks, essentially.

When we leave something good to go to something good, it’s not hard at all.  At least it’s not hard on you because you are simply replacing something great with another awesome thing.  But, it is hard on the people you leave behind!  Not to say you won’t miss them, but you are moving on in a sense, immersing yourself in something else, and busy with change and newness.  Other times, you leave something good to go to something just ok or, well…kinda crappy.  Initially, I did the first one.  I left an awesome job and awesome co-workers to head out west (with the final destination SanFrancisco), but ended up coming back.  I didn’t return to my old job.  I had several reasons, but to jump straight to it, I ended up going to a different job that I am starting this week.  Still not sure how I feel about it, but I am going to end my blog with these words from my sister:

“A new job is always hard girl.  Always!  You will get the hang of it and rise to the top like you always do!” (insert motivation here!!!)

Then she said, “Give it time and just give it your best everyday, that’s all you can do.”  -simple yet sound advice.  That really is all I can do, honestly.

Then, she left me with this:

“You don’t have to stay there the rest of your life.  Just enjoy the experience and see where it takes you.”

She is right!!!  Wow, she is a wise girl!  And the part that is really sticking out to me and my mentality/way of thinking, is the part when she said “enjoy” the experience.  She didn’t say “get through it” or “suck it up.”   She reminded me to enjoy the experience.  Take it for what it is.  Attitude is such an important thing.  It shapes who we are, and determines our path for the day.  Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it/look at it.  I have found that to be true in all my past and current circumstances.  Tomorrow I have a chance to respond with a great attitude no matter what happens.  Tomorrow I have an opportunity to ENJOY my new experiences…to embrace them.  To tackle them full on instead of let them hit me hard and destroy me.  Sure I am not living my “dream,” right now of traveling and taking in the world.  But in my own little portion of the world I am doing just that.  I love teaching…I love people…and I love learning, and I get to experience and take in all those loves every day.  And I get to take in the world on my own scale here.

So, tomorrow I will chose to learn something new.  I will talk to someone I have never talked to before.  I will go rock climbing tomorrow night for the first time with a good friend.  I will LIVE my life. 🙂  Will you?  How will you live it?


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