“Wild Weekly Photo Challenge-Escape”

I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.com Wild Weekly Photo ChallengeThis week’s Challenge is: Escape

For this photo challenge, we were asked to post one or more photos that hold true to the word “escape” in our own lives.  For me, escape means completely removed from all ties and obligations in my life.  It doesn’t mean running away from those things, just temporarily stepping away from those things into the unknown…into the adventures of life outside of my daily bubble.  Escape to me also means pure and utter joy.  It means being immersed in something familiar like the state of mind while I travel, or something completely new to me.  Whether it be meeting someone new, going somewhere I’ve never been, or even going somewhere I’ve already been or talking to someone I already know, gaining a new perspective through the time spent with them or at that place.

My first photo I posted was of Yellowstone National Park.  This photo was taken this fall (2012), on a US road trip I took with two of my close friends.  I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone Natl Park, more than any other National park in the world!!  The opportunity came sooner than expected (see previous blog entries), so as you can imagine, I was uncontrollably excited.  This picture describes escape for me because of how far removed I was from most everyday comforts and civilization.  Yes there were stores and restaurants at the park, but that was about it.  We had to drive almost 100 miles just to get into the park!  That was my favorite park.  I was escaping from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life, I had quit my previous job, and I was completely detached from everything. I was escaping into the unknown of Yellowstone.  That was pure joy I was experiencing, therefore making it a true escape.

The second photo I posted was of the Wind River in Wyoming.  We stopped there on our way through because we could.  We had no set schedule.  No one telling us what to do.  We thought we were just stopping off at an amazing look out, but it turned out to be a peaceful river to take photos of and stick our feet it.  My friend even took it a step further and filled up his filtered water bottle with fresh water from the river!  This photo describes ultimate escape for me because again, we were completely free at this moment.  Free to do whatever we wanted.  No set schedule to be somewhere, just tentative plans.  And, I was escaping my phone ringing, the things of the internet that suck me in, job obligations, etc. just by standing with my feet in the river.  It was a feeling of true peace.  I had successfully escaped all my worries.  The river held every thought of mine captive, and I was just giving myself to the moment!  I truly escaped into nature and its beauty.  I learned not to take things for granted in that moment, and on the entire trip, and now always.


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