Lending yourself to a moment through your senses

When I travel it’s so easy to get caught up in things going on in my life other than what I’m doing at that exact moment.  I’ve gotten a lot better at this, and I even touched on this in my last blog entry.  IF you didn’t read then I suggest you go back and do that RIGHT NOW, I’m serious go, now!!!!  It’s a waste to keep reading if you haven’t read it.  Ok ok. moving on for those of you that are keeping up with my blog posts.  Something I have been trying to do lately is to experience a moment or opportunity with as many of my senses as I can.  I do realize taste is hard sometimes if you are out in nature and don’t want to eat dirt or something, or leaves.  I mean, if you were a real adventurist you would eat leaves and grass like me…

Gotcha! I don’t really eat those, I bring my own snacks, silly.  But anyways, I try to involve as many of my senses as I can, immersing myself in a situation through those senses.  For example, when I went walking at Orchard Hills Park in Chesterland, OH last week, I paid close attention to the crunching of the leaves, the smell of the leaves and I crouched down to take a picture, the vibrant colors of some leaves still on the trees and then the faded/hushed colors of some leaves that had already fallen to the ground since it’s already Mid-November.  I should have just tasted the leaves, what was I thinking?  I was on a senses roll, to put it in my own crazy terms, and I do believe next time I will!  I bet they will taste “earthy,” what do you think?  I’ll let you know!  I have attached a photo to this blog to try and capture this moment.  (not of me eating leaves, but of my walk at Old Orchard Park).  

So, I now challenge you to do the same in everything you do this week.  Whether you are at home reading a book, cooking dinner, going for a walk, changing a diaper (ha!), shopping, flying on an airplane, riding on a bus, whatever!  I’d love to hear about how you threw yourself into a single moment and used your senses…what a powerful thing that we have!  That we probably take for granted a lot too…!!  Enjoy these things.  More to come soon, I just wanted to rant on this for a second or two!  Peace out home slices.  Image


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