Wild Weekly Photo Challenge-Sunsets

I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Sunsets!

Many thanks to those of you that voted for my sunset photos in the “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge” last week! I won!

I’m so excited about this photo challenge!  I gravitate to sunsets and always end up taking tons of photos of them, not really having that agenda to start with, but that’s how it always ends!  When I am out driving around or sitting inside in a place where I can get up and leave, I find myself going outside or pulling over my car, just to photograph the sunset!  I guess you could call me a sunset junkie.  It’s true.  You heard it here first!  Anyways, the photos I will post are sunsets I have captured using my Nikon camera and my droid phone camera.  I will put what camera I used on the caption, just so ya know!  This sunsets I have captured in photos are from all over the world!  I have a couple sunsets from Perth Australia that I sooo desperately want to share, and I also have one that I love from Uluru National Park in Australia (Northern Territory).  I also am posting one from Northern California at Mt. Diablo State Park.

The great thing about sunsets is that you can see them anywhere!  They are unavoidable actually.  You can hide from them inside if you want, but who would want to do that?!  Like I said, I seek them out.  I hunt them down!  I thought about this concept while in Australia…ya know, the concept of the whole sun setting thing and all.  It was cool to think that while the sun was setting in Perth, Australia while I was there, it was rising or just getting ready to rise at home in Ohio. (There was a 12 hour time diff there, ahead).  So, as I watched what looked like the ocean swallowing up the sun, my family and friends at home were watching the sun pop up from the deep depths of the ground, so it seems when you watch!  And now that I’m home in Ohio for now, I love creating adventures for myself.  There is so much to see and do here that I never saw.  My perspective is fresher now and I am seeing home in a different way, a different light.  After you leave and come back again a couple times (out of state or country), you develop a deeper appreciation and eye for your home.  You treasure the simple things.  You see the simple things are more magnificent things and you learn to talk about where your from with a sense of pride and excitement.   You want to tell people when you travel why you love your hometown and what’s great about it.

So…stop and notice things!  Slow down.  Take your time.  Just enjoy life.  Life is for living, not wasting. So, I will continue to photograph sunsets like they’re goin out of style, but I will also rest assured and take my own advice in knowing that they will always be around (until the sun explodes or the world ends of course).  And, I urge you to photograph the sun setting, too.  Try it sometime this week!  You don’t need a fancy camera.  Most of my pics I take on my phone!  So, snap a few pics of the sunset, and if you’re feelin really crazy, send them to me so I can see them!  OR, if you’re feelin just WILD, submit them to http://www.letsbewild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge!!!!!  I won’t even be mad if you beat me…I promise!  And, I’m dunzo for now, adios amigos!



10 thoughts on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge-Sunsets

    • Thanks aunt mar! Ya know, after photographing both sunsets and sunrises the past few weeks, and driving to work every morning watching the sun set, I find I am a smidge more partial to the sunrises!!! At least lately…the one I saw this morning was so warm and welcoming and it had such a soft hue to it!! I saw some bold gold colors mixed with some soft blues, purples, and a light pink! Ahhh I could go on forever! I’m sure you understand 🙂

  1. Great pictures…great writing!!! I love the way you describe sunsets and travels!! And we all need reminders to stop and notice the little things!! Great job Caitch!

    • Thanks a bunch for the nice comment! I am really loving your photos too! Did you participate in this week’s challenge? I unfortunately missed it…but I’ll go check out your page to see if ya put something up!

    • Thanks Nick! I was super excited to see that I won. I am bummed I couldn’t participate in this week’s challenge, as it was a nutso week for me! I can’t wait to look at the shots though, and see who the winners are! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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