Playing some catch-up!

Good day to you readers!

I know it’s been a while since I last blogged to ya’s.  Things have been a bit crazy lately, and I’ve been mucho busy.  I’m currently getting hit hard with some major car repairs, and although there is never a good time for car repairs to come, around the holidays is the least favored time of all in my opinion.  But, I am trying to stay positive and remember the fact that overall, my car is still a good car, and this is not a repair I should have to do again in its lifetime.  But, anyways…I digress.  Although I have not been blogging on here lately, I have been blogging in notebooks, on napkins, on post-its, and on receipts.  Any type of writing canvas I can find at a moment I feel inspired or compelled to speak out about something, I write on it.  Then, I tuck it away for later, when I can escape to my computer.  The bummer news for right now is I forgot my notebook with all my writings from the week and miscelaneous little papers that I scribbled away on.

So, for now, what I want to say is that I am learning a lot these past few weeks, enjoying and living in the present, and also excited and hopeful for what is to come in my life.  I am excited to learn more about photography these next few months, possibly sign up for TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) courses at Cleveland State for the summer, and getting better at playing the guitar!  I am creating my own “Happiness Project,” (thank you Gretchen Rubin)  in my own life, but also thinking about ways I can bring joy and encouragement to others, especially this time of year.  Last year I encouraged families at my church by giving away giftcards to them that I had received from parents at school.  I had received so many giftcards, and I defintely didn’t need them all.  Would I use them?  Yes.  But did I need them?  No.  This year, I haven’t quite decided what I am going to do.  I have some ideas.  But the great thiing is, is that I can encourage people and bring joy to their lives all year long.  Think about ways that you can do the same for those in your life!  Or, even for a complete stranger.  🙂  “Random” or in this case, maybe not so random, acts of kindness still happen everyday.  Notice them, and be the one to carry them out sometimes.  🙂

Ok, that’s all for now.  I will be posting my Let’s Be Wild Weekly Photo Challenge pick before Wednesday of this coming week, soon.  The challenge for this week is peaceful.  I have chosen a handful of photos, but want to narrow it down to three.  I love these challenges, because the topic means something different to every blogger.  It looks like something different to each photographer.  I love seeing all the different perspectives.  So, rest assured everyone, my photo post for this week is coming soon!!

Caitch7 out!


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