I Challenge Myself to 500 Words a Day!


So, last week I got together with my twin sister, who is also a writer, and she told me of a new challenge she was taking on for the month of January.  She told me she was challenging herself to write 500 words per day for this month.  She simply said that was the challenge, she could write about anything, and that she was sticking to it.  I was intrigued by this because I find that I am writing so much throughout the day, whether it’s on a napkin at Panera on my munch hour, a scrap piece of paper in my classroom, in the journal I carry around in my purse, in an email I write to someone, a dream I write down from the night before, WHATEVER!!!  But, I wasn’t sure if all the writing I was doing was adding up to 500 flowing words a day.  So, alongside my sister I have decided to take on this challenge!

Writing 500 words a day sounds scary when you say it out loud.  Go ahead, say it…especially those of you that are reading this that are not writers, maybe don’t like to write, only write when you have to like sending an email or writing a thank you card, or maybe you haven’t written since high school when you had to write about what you thought about The Great Gatsby (awesome book by the way).  However, even if you are not an “official” writer (not to say that I am by any means yet, but I am making it a habit, so it’s a start), but I challenge you to take on this challenge!  You may get to know yourself a little better, see a situation in a different light, or find it easier to approach a situation if you just sit down and simply write.  “I don’t have my own computer,” you may say.  What I say to that is go to the library and write!  Librarians are usually super friendly and willing to set you up on public, free-use computers any time!  Or, borrow a roommate’s computer or a friend or family member’s computer for a little bit.  OR…last resort, write on paper and practice your good old fashioned counting skills as you total up those lovely words!  Then you may use the excuse of “well, writing 500 words would take forever and quite frankly, aint nobody got time for that!”  To that I say “you’re wrong!”  I have been siting here for 4 minutes typing this post, really not touching on any major topics, just speaking my mind on writing 500 words a day, and I have already written 438 words, holy moly!

So, for my last 60 words or so, I will leave you with this.  Let the pressures go.  Stop worrying what people may think about what you are going to type or write.  Write to express yourself.  Write to free your mind.  Write to escape the moment.  Write to reflect.  Write to give thanks. Write to give back.  Write because you love it.  Just simply write about life.  Write about what you love.

Now look, I’ve gone and written OVER 500 words in five minutes.  Not bragging by any means, so don’t take it that way.  What I’m saying is step outside your comfort zone.  Pick up a pen.  Pick up a laptop…and start writing!  I will  back on here tomorrow to continue cranking out 500 + words per day!  This writing train is headed to 750 words a day for February, look out!  Thanks for reading 🙂 Adios!67668_496206243733939_368850072_n


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