Wild Weekly Photo Challenge-People in Nature

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: People in Nature!

Hello readers!

I know it’s been a while since I posted an entry for the “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge,” for http://www.letsbewild.com’s weekly challenge!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve been on and off sick and physically hurting for a bit now, and am just now starting to turn a corner. I finally feel like “normal” Caitch again…or as “normal” as I can be!!  What is normal anyway??  We’ll save that for another entry 🙂  Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to the grind and start writing away again!

So, I must admit, I was very intrigued and excited about this week’s photo challenge.  I myself love exploring in nature, creating adventures for myself, and just simply experiencing the great outdoors everywhere and anywhere I can go, anytime of the year.  What I also love is when I see people who share the same interest as I do.  Whether I end up talking to them or not, and making friends for them, I still love watching them for a few seconds to see what they do, how they view something in nature, and how they walk away from it.  I’ve learned to love the outdoors even more by

How he captures "his best shot"

How he captures “his best shot”

watching other people interact with it.  The two photos I’ll post are reflections of what I’ve learned from watching others outside.  These two photos in particular were two major lessons I learned that helped me adjust how I handle situations outdoors and how I carry myself.

The first photo is one of my friend’s father at Pinnacles State Park in Western Australia (left). As I watched him walk around the Pinnacles, I watch him lay down and look through his camera lense for a few seconds, and then get back up again. I watched him do this several times, up and down again, until he found the perfect shot.

The photo I took of him is one of him snapping a photo on what he saw as the “perfect shot” of the Pinnacles through his eyes.  Watching him do this helped teach me to take my time finding the perfect shot sometimes, and to also slow down and to truly experience a place, not being so caught up in only taking pictures.

The second photo is one of a group of men from the Philippines that I met at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.  I began watching them from the edge of a different part of the canyon that jutted out, about 750 feet or so across from them.  This is where I took the photo of them from, because I saw how much fun they were having.  Then, I walked over to the part of the canyon that jutted out, that they were standing on and waited for a break in their photo shoot.  I didn’t want to walk out onto that semi-wide ledge until I knew they were done prepping and taking their photo.  Once I saw they were breaking,  my friend and I walked out there by them.  As we walked out, one of them asked if we could take a photo of them (using hand gestures).  I said yes, of course, and waited for them as they got ready.  As they prepared for the photo, I watched them interact with each other, and enjoy themselves so much.  Watching them made me realize that I don’t take nearly enough photos of myself at all the amazing places I’ve been to.  Even if I’m alone, I should have taken opportunities to ask other tourists to take my photo,

Loving the Grand Canyon and knowing how to remember that feeling

Loving the Grand Canyon and knowing how to remember that feeling

which I’m sure plenty of happy tourists would do for me.  Or, if I’m with someone have them take a photo of me, or ask a tourist passing by to take a picture or both of us, or the group I’m with.  I’m not saying go nuts and have tons of pictures of me, and only me.  I don’t want to neglect the landscape and atmosphere, which is what i want to so badly capture intially.  But, it’s always fun to show people you love back home a picture of yourself at all the amazing places you’ve been to.  Just something to remember from the future!

I’ve learned a lot from watching people in nature, and I continue to do so in the future!  I hope you enjoy my photos!  Until next time, goodnight mates 🙂




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